Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Xcode 4 keyboard/mouse shortcuts

(I'm posting this here mostly so I don't lose it, although I'm sure it'll be useful to other Xcode 4 users out there.)

There are a couple of really handy Xcode mouse click modifier key combinations that I can never remember when I want them (kind of like a Super Street Fighter key combo).

In particular, you can click on symbols in the code editor and have them open in this editor, in the alt editor, in a new window, or... even... with a (ugly looking) popup asking you where to open (e.g. in a new tab).

Here's the lowdown:

Xcode 4 editor symbol clicks

Modifiers Click What happens
⌘⎇^ + single Open in alt editor
⌘⎇⇧ + single Select where to open (with popup)

+ single Open in this editor
+ double Open in this new editor window
+ single Show help popup
+ double Show help in organiser

⌘⎇⇧ Make alt editor counterpart again (super useful)

Key (what the silly symbols mean) 
Command (cmd)
Option (alt)
^ Control (ctrl)