Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Writing: How To Pick Your Programming Language

The November issue of ACCU's C Vu magazine is out now. It contains the latest instalment in my Becoming a Better Programmer column. This one's called How To Pick Your Programming Language.

It's a masterwork that uses ancient dark arts (and frivolous flow chart technology) to help you select the programming language that best suits you.

Best read with a pinch of salt!

I quite like the artwork I produced for this month's cover, and have finally remembered to align the {cvu} drop shadow correctly, something that's been bugging me for months. (I doubt anyone else would even have noticed it)


Martin Moene said...

Is that July 2012? There seems to be a tendency, ACCU people getting ahead of time ;)

As always, like the Artwork and the Text.

Pete Goodliffe said...

OK, that's a fair spot!

I'll preach as much as I can about cut-n-paste programming. How about the perils of cut-n-paste blog writing? :-)