Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Article: This "Software" Stuff

The next issue of ACCU's C Vu magazine is out now, containing my latest Professionalism in Programming column. Entitled This "Software" Stuff, it's the first part of a mini-series investigating what software development is really all about. It's your chance to find out what happens when you mix custard and spaghetti.

This issue of C Vu was editted by Gail Ollis, and contains articles on virtualisation, PC-Lint, debugging, as well as Matthew Wilson's ruminations on C and C++.

For the cover design. I thought I'd break the mold and go for an industrial "grunge" feel this month. I think it worked pretty well. It was the first time I've used Gimp 2.6 for print work, and it was great fun.

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