Wednesday, 26 November 2008

(Another) MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade (17" model)

In October I performed surgery on my 15" MacBook Pro, to upgrade the hard drive. Today I've been repeating the performance, but on a 17" MacBook Pro.

A few observations on the different models:
  • Upgrading the 17" model was easier. (Partly because I've done it once before, and partly because it's generally a more accessible machine.)
  • The screw patterns are identical. However, the Phillips screws inside the battery cover are far more accessible than on the 15" model; they're angled so you can get a screwdriver to them without contorting your hand.
  • The lid seems to crack off of a 17" model with greater ease - less fiddly plastic interlocking.
  • There's more use of sticky tape inside a 17" machine!
  • The nubs that hold the drive in the laptop chassis are different on the 17", asymmetrical in design. I wonder why the two models differ like this?


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