Friday, 2 May 2008

ACCU Cambridge

Last night was the first ACCU Cambridge meeting that's been run a little while, and a definite return to form!

Roger Orr (from sunny Londonshire) took us on a tour of the joys, intricacies, and new toys coming with the forthcoming C++ "0x" language standard. As you'd expect from Roger, the talk was interesting and entertaining. The venue (again, the DisplayLink offices situated on the nearest thing to a hill we have in Cambridge) was packed, almost exclusively with C++ programmers who clearly wanted to know the new ways they will be able to write fascinating bugs once compiler vendors catch up with the ISO committee (because we all know what a breakneck speed the ISO standards are produced at).

The evening concluded with traditional aprรจs-talk beers at the Castle.

It was another excellent evening - many thanks to Roger for speaking and Ric for organising.

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