Saturday, 25 February 2012

Xcode 4 C++ class template updated

I've updated the C++ class template for Xcode 4. You may want to take the latest from github and re-run your installation scripts.

This version now:

  • Allows you to specify a class' (optional) superclass
  • Allows you to add a virtual destructor
  • Can make a new class non-copyable (with hidden copy constructor and assignment operator)
  • Has a sexy icon that matches all the other Xcode template icons.

Could life get any better?

Grab the update from Github here.


Phil Nash said...

Do you prefer to write non-copyability out in full rather than derive from a dedicated NonCopyable base class?

Pete Goodliffe said...

Consultant's answer: it depends.

I'm aiming at making the template maximally useful; and to at least make some people think about the class they create before they just "add" it.

Unknown said...

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