Monday, 18 July 2011

Writing: It's The Thought That Accounts

The July issue of ACCU's C Vu magazine is out now. It contains the latest instalment in my Becoming a Better Programmer column. This one's called It's The Thought That Accounts.

In it I describe how you can become a better programmer, and how you will be encouraged to write better code, through accountability. Far from being a dirty word, or some kind of bureaucratic nightmare, developer accountability can be fun, stimulating, enriching, and valuable.

You'll also find out about my wine and running predilections.

This is a great issue of C Vu, with some really interesting articles. If you're a developer who is not already an ACCU member, then I strongly urge you to join. It's super-cheap and really worthwhile!

I'll hold you accountable to that...

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