Wednesday, 4 May 2011

iOS: The Enigma Squares

My first personal iOS project has finally seem the light of day. Please welcome into the world The Enigma Squares. It's an interesting (and dare I say it) entertaining block-moving puzzle game.

Check it out on iTunes here.

I've produced plenty of iOS projects for my company. But this has been an entertaining personal side-project, to keep me busy through those long spring evenings.

It is actually a version of a game I first wrote (ahem) 20 years ago. Back then it was written for the Acorn Archimedes, and I sold it to a magazine for inclusion on their cover disk (remember those?) This version is a little more polished, a little more challenging, and a lot more fun.

The code's a fair bit better too, but that's another story. One that I'm sure I'll tell one day...

Let me know what you think of it!


Unknown said...

I remember this game. Will 'gift' it to a friend with the right type of device who'll let me play.

JustWondering said...

Hey Pete,

I was just wondering where you get the inclination to do evening programming after doing an 8+ hour shift of programming?
I always start off good.. but then (noob at xcode4/objC) one of those annoying little time consuming bugs pop up..such as renaming the rootviewcontroller nib or some such.. and I get overwhelmed trying to figure it out and then find myself reverting to.. "screw this let's play some portal 2.." mode.

Pete Goodliffe said...

I find it an interesting diversion. And I *am* that dull...