Friday, 28 January 2011

Speaking: BCS Edinburgh (iOS development)

I will be speaking at the Edinburgh branch of the BCS on the subject of iPhone development on March the 9th.

The details of the session, times, and location are available here.

Here's the synopsis:

Developing applications for iPhone, iPad (and other iOS devices)
"An introduction to iPhone development for beginners or those who are casually interested and want a leg up the learning curve"

The iPhone, iPad and their iOS relatives are becoming an increasingly popular and important platform. More and more developers are looking into what the platform can offer and how to harness its power for their products.

In this presentation, an experienced iOS developer provides a boot-strap in iPhone development. The talk is an overview of how to get started as an iPhone developer. You will gain an understanding of the platform, the tools, and the core technologies, including:
  • The main languages: Objective C/C++
  • Using the Xcode IDE, and various deployment/testing tools
  • Common iPhone/Mac OS design patterns, idioms, and practices
  • Becoming a native: how to "think in iPhone"
  • An overview of the libraries and facilities that exist
  • Limitations of the development environment.
We'll see the pros and cons of iPhone development. You will leave with an understanding of how to deploy your applications on the device, and whether it is the right platform for you to target.

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