Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Speaking: QCon 2010 learning slides now available

A belated thanks to everyone who came to my QCon London 2010 talk on software developers' learning. I've had some great feedback, which just goes to show that a hangover doesn't do much to dent my presentation skills! I'm glad people found the talk useful; I know it's an interesting topic, and one that programmers don't think hard about too often.

For those who wanted the slides, they are now available online here. They've got a lot of extra reference information that I didn't have time to pack into the talk. Don't eat them all at once.

The conference itself was full of very interesting stuff and, as ever, a lot of the most interesting learning happens outside of the talks themselves. The organisers did a great job.

I will be presenting an extended version of this talk (and speaking on other topics too) at the ACCU Conference in Oxford this April.

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