Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Speaking: QCon London 2010

I will be speaking at QCon 2010 in London this March. Details of my session are listed here.

I'm excited to be talking in the "Software Craftsmanship" track (something I care about - my book is called Code Craft, after all...) My talk title is The Craftsman Learns (or Learning the Craft). It's an investigation of how, why, and when a software craftsman should learn.

Here's a little more info:

Software developers should be perennial students.

Exceptional programmers aren't the ones who know it all. No one possibly can, no matter what the self-professed gurus would have you believe. Truly great software developers know their limits, and constantly strive to push them, to learn new skills and amass a catalogue of new techniques that can be applied to their craft.

As a programmer you constantly face fresh challenges; you will frequently be forced to learn a new language, a new technology, or a new project. And you will have to know it all by... yesterday. It's both our responsibility and, hopefully, our pleasure.

I this talk we'll investigate:
  • how the software craftsman approaches learningwhat information to learn, and what to ignore
  • how to learn new things effectively
  • techniques for quickly picking up new technology
  • healthy attitudes to towards learning
  • the craftsman's curiosity, and how to assuage it

: Craftsman, Learning, Soft-skills, Software practice

Target audience
  • Software developers who care about their craft and want to improve their coding skills.
  • No assumption will be made about specific technical knowledge.

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