Monday, 20 April 2009

Speaking: Journeys (The loss of a child)

A few weeks ago I spoke at Cambridge Community Church with my wife in a talk entitled Journeys. We spoke about a particularly hard time in our life: seven years ago when we lost our beautiful 12 week old baby girl in a car crash.

Perhaps this is a slightly unusual (and somber) topic for this blog, but if you're interested in our deeply personal and unashamedly Christian viewpoint on the loss of a child, and the importance of our faith, the support of friends, and the church family then you can hear the pair of us speak here. We begin speaking about 24 minutes in.

In the talk we mentioned the song I played at Jess' thanksgiving service, and a few people have subsequently asked about it. If you'd like to listen, there's a rough version of it available to listen to on MySpace here.


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