Friday, 16 January 2009

Article: This "Software" Stuff, Part 2

The second part of my series looking at the odd "stuff" called Software is out now in the latest C Vu magazine. Yes, that's me grinning on the cover.

C Vu is one of the magazines published by ACCU. This issue has been edited by Faye Williams. She's done a great job - it's enormous.


Unknown said...

Pete - I agree that the new CVu is packed with even more good reading than usual (and I haven't even got to your article yet ;-) and that Faye has done a great job. But isn't size of issue an odd metric of editorial quality? Just being picky...

Pete Goodliffe said...

I meant: she managed to get together a large number of articles for the magazine. That's no easy task.

And she consequently had a large amount of editing to do on them all.

Ergo she's had a lot of work to do. Which I think has been done very well.

I wasn't trying to equate size to quality! More to the effort involved.

Unknown said...

I know that's what you meant really, but well, it's Friday afternoon.

(And just to stress - an excellent, bumper issue)

bazkie botsauto said...

hey, on the cover, aren't you wearing the same sweater as in the 'about me' picture? you either have only one sweater, or you always wear that particular one, now aren't you!

keep up the good work ;)