Thursday, 11 September 2008

New DisplayLink mac driver

Fortune smiles on the brave. Or, perhaps in my case, on the bored.

Today I remembered a problem I suffer running the beta DisplayLink mac os driver, and so took a quick detour to their mac beta driver website. It was a way to amuse myself whilst compiling my 20th broken version of gcc (but that's another story).

It turns out they released a mac driver update less than a week ago. Well, hurrah! Surprising they made no mention of this on their blog.

They claim the update provides: 2D acceleration, improved video playback, and increased stability, as well as addressing several bug fixes. So with excitement I downloaded and installed the new goodies. I haven't messed around with it enough to say how much faster 2D performance is, but it'll be interesting to have a play.

Sadly, however, my original problem still has not been fixed. I have a number of USB pendrives (with chips from SMI Corporation, Product ID 0x1000 and Vendor ID 0x090c) that will no longer mount on the mac when the DisplayLink drivers are installed. It's a shame that I can only use my nice 8G USB drive by starting Parallels and accessing it as a shared drive.

Hopefully they'll be able to solve this problem soon. Or I'll have to cycle up Castle Hill with a baseball bat in my hand and have a quiet word :-)


Anonymous said...

Simply delete DisplayLinkNullDriver.kext, it won't have effects on the display.

Pete Goodliffe said...

You are a genius!!!

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

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